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06 August 2008

Vote For Me! Washington PCO for 37-1895

UPDATE 11/12: I won... but didn't... but... Read MORE here.

I'm pleased to officially announce my write-in candidacy for position of Precinct Committee Officer for Washington State Precint #37-1895.

Now, since it's past the deadline for me to have my name on the ballot (dammit!) I'm asking everyone in my neighbourhood to write-in my name and party affiliation ("Prefers Democratic party").

Please tell everyone you know in the 12 square block area in the map shown here to add my name ("Brian M. Westbrook") to the ballot as-shown.
Your assistance in helping me be elected during the August 19th primary is appreciated.

If you would like to help with my campaign, door-to-door efforts, or have ideas that can help me get elected -- please send them to: elect AT brianwestbrook DOT com.

For more information on the position of Precinct Committee Officer, view:


DaveSchappell said...

I'll buy a new condo there, just so my vote will count :-)

Munkie said...

How come you say 87-1895 but the map says 37-1895? said...

Munkie: Apparently I don't even know my would-be precinct. :) Read update here: