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16 May 2007

Phrase-That-Pays for 20070516

Overheard (while preparing for a demo at a local tech company):
"Anyone got a Mac Dongle?"
"Is that a new type of sandwich?"

Check back soon for more "Phrase That Pays". :)

15 May 2007

Will Wikle interviews The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Will Wikle is host of LOGO's Round Trip Ticket (a runner-up to my dream job of hosting The Amazing Race) and Radio With A Twist (Gay Days Anaheim sponsor). He sat down recently to interview Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the set of The View. Hasselbeck is the conservative voice of the daytime talkshow on ABC. The two blonde had an interesting "hot topic" dialog about Rosie's replacement, gay rights... and more. Jason Bellini, the gorgeous anchor of CBS News on LOGO, is Will Wikle's boyfriend and host of the online video blog "Here and Now". View Jason's video blog for Will's interview on the set of The View

Will Wikle and Jason Bellini at Gay Days Anaheim 2006 photo by Brian M. Westbrook - click for moreWill Wikle and Brian M. Westbrook at Gay Days Anaheim 2006 photo by Brian M. Westbrook - click for more
Will Wikle (L), Jason Bellini, and Brian M. Westbrook (R) at Gay Days Anaheim (photos by Brian M. Westbrook)

11 May 2007

American Idol Finalist Blake Lewis in Seattle

American Idol Finalist Blake Lewis stopped by Westlake Center in Seattle today. I snapped some photos from the 16th floor of Century Square and had the photos featured on (local website for FOX affiliate). I've decided I should bring my Nikon digital SLR to work more often. :) You can see the complete gallery on my photos site here or visit the page for more on Blake Lewis' American Idol "Hometown Visit" here. (They've recorded bits during the visit for broadcast on American Idol -- check local listings!)

More photos of American Idol finalist Blake Lewis' Seattle visit

Read my friend Chris' blog posting on Blake Lewis (