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10 June 2008

R.I.P. Northwest Afternoon (1984-2008)

Word today is that KOMO TV's Northwest Afternoon will soon end its 24-year run. A local talk show produced by Fisher-owned KOMO (Ch. 4 / ABC), "NWA" featured a 15-20 minute "Soap Report" by anchor Cindi Rinehart followed by variety topics ranging from "Ambush Makeovers" to interviews with celebrities, authors and experts.

As you've no doubt learned from my countless shameless plugs and blog posts, I've been a regular guest covering gadgets, websites, and technology for the show. Each time, the entire gang at Northwest Afternoon has been very enthusiastic, supportive and a pleasure to work with -- a far cry from the fake "made-for-TV" pleasantries you might expect.

View some of my past appearances on NWA here.

The show wraps in August to be replaced by the nationally syndicated show "The Doctors," this Fall.

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