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04 October 2011

Uber Hates Gays? (Or just the gay bars?)

Let me start by saying that I don't really think the fantastic towncar-hailing elite VIP-style private shuttle service hates those of the homosexual persuasion. In fact, I am personal friends with the author of the blog post I take mild offense to in a moment.

But really... Uber?

Are there no gay bars currently open on Capitol Hill that are worth being seen rolling out of my "private driver" whisk me off to?

In a recent blog post offering a five buck discount on Uber's services, author (and, again, my friend) Jen Joyce, Seattle-area Community Manager for Uber, listed five locations: Linda's Tavern, Neumos, Li’l Woody’s, Big Mario's, Grim's and helpful links to two additional Capitol Hill resources: CHS & Hillebrity.

Great! What about "The Gays"? How about shout-outs to the homo watering holes: Purr, The Lobby Bar, Cuff Complex, Diesel, R Place, a personal fave Poco Wine Room, or the female-friendly Wildrose (Taco Tuesday anyone!)?

Capitol Hill is more than just a gay ghetto, indeed, but the gay haunts were curiously absent in the eyes of this reader.

Okay, fine, sure... The Social was given a shout-out, but unless I missed my invitation (always a possibility) there has yet to be a grand opening for this "blessing" of a business. (See, I'm talking about 'em-- does that count?)

I love Uber. Uber loves me. (I'm told.)

Does Uber love "the gays"? (Or, more specifically, the many predominantly gay establishments on "The Hill"?)

Where would you recommend Uber's customers head with their Tuesday evening $5 discount? Wait, it's Tuesday tonight, ehh?

Cya on The (Gay) Hill!

Want to show Uber there's money to be had from the gays on The Hill? Sign up for a $10 discount (and $10 will go into my "more money for drinking" fund as well) here: (Thanks!)


Cameron Newland said...

Grim's is pretty 'gay'; in fact, one of its investors is a young gay man!

And Lil' Woody's, like the other spots, is gay-friendly.

Let's be honest: homosexuals are in the minority in the United States in 2011. There is little reason to think this will change drastically. So why should any short generalized list of bars or restaurants be required to include all or some gay haunts? They shouldn't--unless someone is trying to create controversial link-bait (which explains your post here, I imagine!). said...

Nobody's required to include or not include any type of establishment. (And there's my personal theory that we shouldn't have/need *types* of establishments anyway, but that's another story!) I'm merely poking fun at the fact that if Uber is trying to highlight things to do in Seattle, wouldn't a nod to a gay bar or two be appropriate, given the high concentration of them on Capitol Hill? (Of course, had the post been about West Seattle, for example, which --until recently-- didn't HAVE a homosexual-focused establishment, the same argument would be pointless.)

And, of course, there's the snarky tongue-in-cheek nature of this post in the first place. Considering, of course, the source. ;)

Thanks for stopping by, Cameron!

Michael Strangeways said...

I doubt they hate the gays but they're obviously playing it safe and trying to market to a non-gay crowd...which is ridiculous. It's Capitol Hill. It's like promoting a limo service to Anaheim and not mentioning Disneyland.