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01 March 2007

Washington State Domestic Partnerships One Step Closer: SB-5336 Passes Senate

For many of Washington State's domestic partners, today marks a surprising victory in the State Senate. In a 28 to 19 vote, the Senate passed SB-5336 granting same-sex partners many rights previously granted only to heterosexual married couples. The bill, sponsored by a coalition of openly gay state Legislators, was initially expected to fail during this first attempt. Now, with the House expected to approve a similar bill and Governor Christine Gregoire promising to sign the bill into law -- it seems domestic partnerships may become a reality in the Evergreen State!

I've reported on the topic of equal rights for the State's gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community on Sirius OutQ New (ch. 109). You can hear clips of past stories here:For more on this story:

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