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27 November 2006

How Ruined My 2006 Christmas

With Thanksgiving a recent memory, our nation's attention seems to have shifted to consumerism in the form of holiday gift-giving. My family is no exception. Last year we discovered the convenience of Amazon Wish Lists. What, with the registry, comments, prioritization and convenient duplication-avoidance system -- it's perfect for high-tech families like ours.

BMW's Wish ListI updated my Christmas "Wish List" (view it here) last Saturday around the pre-Thanksgiving dinner table. Among the items added was the Tom Tom
Navigator 6 w/GPS receiver
(opting for the DVD maps so I can load on my own memory card) package.

Not being one to appreciate spoiled surprises, I made sure to set the "Don't show me what's been purchased: [X] during the month of December" option last year (screenshot at right). **checking calendar** Problem: Today is November 27. Amazon no longer shows the GPS software and receiver package in my wishlist (along with a few DVDs that are apparently headed under my tree as well). :( Early-bird shoppers have purchased these items on my list and since it is not yet "the month of December" -- they've been removed from my Wishlist. I bet they'll reappear in a few days ... stay tuned!


Dear Amazon,

Please change the "during the month of December" option to "from Black Friday until the end of December". Anyone over-eager enough to buy my Christmas presents before Thanksgiving deserves to have me find out what I'm getting. But isn't early holiday shopping what you're hoping for? Isn't that what all this "Cyber Monday" stuff is about?

Maybe Christmas 2007 will be better.

In Christmas Ruins,


Bonus Blog Content:
In a pseudo-ironic coincidence (and while we're on the topic of, I discussed "Cyber Monday" today Newsradio 750 KXL's "Portland's Morning News" show. Here the clip here (mp3): kxl_techexpert-cybermonday_20061127.mp3

Screenshot: avoid spoiled options

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